Hotelbeds Digital Service Redesign
Service Research.

Year 2016
Tools and methods: User journey map, Card Sorting, Ethnographic observation, In-depth interviews
Client: Hotelbed, DesignIT Madrid
Field Location: Shanghai
Team: Carolina López Tomás, Laerke Gry Agger Hinrichsen, Diego Nunez 


Hotelbeds Group is a leading bedbank and a business-to-business provider of services to the global travel industry. It helps providers of travel services globally distribute their offerings to travel sellers. The group wants to redesign the dashboard their platform and also to merge the portals and to come up with a digital strategy which can better engage, activate and retain the community.

Research process In China, we recruited 4 agencies to be our respondents, each of which represents a type of user. My role was to conduct the ethnographic observation and in-depth interviews in the office of these agencies.

We used multiple tools to collect data of the relationship of these agencies with their end consumers and try to capture the top trends of travel industry from the eyes of travel agencies. Together with the UX and UI designers, we had successfully transformed hotelbed’s service from solution based to knowledge based with the new structured website.