Online Classroom Prototype Testing
Usability Test.

Year 2015
Tools and methods: Usability Test
Company: EF labs
Field Location: Shanghai,
Team: Alexis Morin, Lilith Li, Helen Lee


Usability Test is a reoccuring activity on the labs calendar starting from requesting to reporting. It is usually follows up a process which is regulated and advocated by the research team with a goal to engage more people in the product department with a user centered process.
The “Online Classroom” is an online space where hired teachers give English lessons from our subscription-based language learning solution. Currently, UXD team is designing a new mobile EVC which attempts to solve key issues with our legacy vendor. Here, we will be conducting research to test and iterate the early design.

Research process

The online classroom acts as an interaction medium between a teacher and a student. We invite designers involved in observing the user test. The test was set at students’ physical classroom. The sample includes both novice users and experienced users.

One of the testing hypothesis is whether or not students like to hide the panels by default or not where they use all the icons. By testing this prototype, we have identified key scenarios of interaction with tools in an online class and how it will impact experience from both students’ side and teachers’ side.

Issue list and action plan were summerized based on group discussion with PO and UX designers.