Xinwei Cook Product Design
Product research. User Test.

Year 2014
Tools and methods: Focus group. User Test
Field Location: Shanghai
Team: Steve Ge, Xu Lin, Snow Wang
Scope: Marketing research, Content strategy, Product Design, User Testing
Time: 6 months


Xinwei Cook is a Shanghai-based food delivery start up with full platform digital service and received more than 20 million RMB investment in total. Leading the sustainable eating and cooking at home trend, Xinwei Cook’s goal is to act as a personal sous chef, carefully preparing the mise-en-place for a dish – prepping ingredients – and delivering the portions to your door. My job is to identify product opportunities and team up with the executive team, product team and marketing team to design an innovative ready-to-cook experience.

Research process

To design recipes and run events to user test the recipes based on metrics such as affinity level, flavor, difficulty of cooking in a Chinese home and etc. Manage and prioritize the products release based on factors such as cost control, timing and etc.

Align with market team, food suppliers, product team and design team to demonstrate the recipes in a visually friendly way on all digital platforms. Conduct user research to reflect on content strategy on social networks and select local opinion leaders to be Xinwei’s brand ambassador.