Mobile Learning App Testing
User Test. Product Research.

Year 2015
Tools and methods: Usability Test
Company: EF labs
Field Location: Shanghai,
Team: Jorge Álvarez Picasso, Mark Parnell, Sissy Shen


EF Learning Labs launched a new mobile application to bring a full self-study experience to mobile devices (starting from iPhone, iOS8+). After one month of releasing the mobile application, Brazil and Japan DLA B2C market hold 70% of EF global pure online learning market. Research team’s goal at this stage is to do user research at these two markets, collect qualitative data and do another round of optimization before we launch to the global market.

Research process

Based on usage data we from Mixpanel of the first few months, we scope the research, define the respondent profile and set up research hypothesis. The purpose is to lower the churn rate especially within the first month. We involved closely with our local research vendor to manage the whole process step by step including recruiting. It is crucial that the respondents not only meet the user requirements but also being identified with a true motivation of learning during the second screening via phone.

At these two markets, we did usability test to validate the concept and a longitudinal research with online users to understand learning habits, churn path and identify multi-device usage pattern and eventually opportunities for further product optimization for example the feature of rewarding system design.

A Longitudinal diary input is offer qualitative user data to fully comprehend the churn path and thus to suggest the potential product feature to ferment a learning habit.